Building a healthy body through nutrition education and personal support.
Why start?

Are you striving to lose weight?
Do you need more energy?
Are you confused by all of the diet information in the media?
Would you like to learn how to look and feel great?

Eat to Energize!

We specialize in designing customized programs based on nutritional and lifestyle needs using the latest research in nutrition, combined with complementary therapies.

These plans offer a powerful and effective approach to weight management, diabetes management, immune support and preventive health.

We will work together to support you in making long lasting lifestyle changes which will improve energy, vitality, well-being, stamina and radiance.

You will learn much along your evolution, such as:
- fad diets and media food frenzy VS healthy eating plans
- the dangerous effects of too much Insulin
- the real deal on Calories
- Glycemic Load (GL) and Glycemic Index (GI)
- the truth in labels
- hormones as chemical messengers
- the caloric model and the hormonal model
- metabolism from the hormonal perspective
- creating meals and food combinations
- and so much more!

You can start today! Let's meet and see how we can work together to get your Evolution started!

Call Christina at 860-455-3770 or email her at healthydynamix@gmail.com.